Monday, April 11, 2011

Blood for Oil, BTC, Lies and Subterfuge!


People should support all those in the Middle East who are fighting for democracy;  for that reason, let’s oppose U.S. government intervention of any kind in these countries--whether it’s money to manipulate and hijack people’s struggles, interference by the CIA, or deadly force.  Everyone should oppose the U.S./NATO war on Libya, and fight for  the right to decide  issues of war and peace, how to use our taxes, etc.

We  know that the  government shamelessly lies to cover up its real motives. The government launched a war against Iraq with massive bombing --using the cover of a “search for weapons of mass destruction.”  Now Obama  presents U.S. aggression against Libya as a “humanitarian mission of mercy.” But people around the world are condemning the U.S.-led war as another case of “blood for oil” for the big corporations and for a new strategically located Mediterranean military base.

Now we learn about secrets the U.S. and its NATO allies have kept from us. According to the New York Times (3/31)-- (1)  CIA agents are on the ground in Libya, communicating with the Libyan opposition, (2) Obama signed a secret Presidential Order authorizing the CIA to provide weapons to the Libyan opposition, (3) dozens of British Special Forces and MI6 officers have been operating inside Libya for weeks. An interview on National Public Radio (4/2) indicates that the civil war in Libya did not start this year.  Khalifa Hafter, now a leader of the opposition, failed in the 1980’s to overthrow the Libyan government from a base in Chad. He then fled to the U.S.  After 25 years of living  just 7 miles from CIA headquarters, he’s back in Libya.  In the 90’s while in the U.S. he created the “Libyan National Army” which operated in eastern Libya.  Other facts are coming out,  indicating that the U.S. has for some time had its agents working to destabilize Libya.

U.S.-led aggression against a sovereign nation violates the UN Charter, which is international law signed by the U.S.  The Charter says  no country has the right to attack another country unless that country has attacked it. It also says no country has the right to intervene in a civil war as is happening in Libya.

The government has somehow found money to attack Libya.  At the same time,  it’s crying “budget crisis” across the country and demanding that workers take cuts in pay, insurance, pensions, accept mass layoffs and give up their right to collective bargaining.  Everyone is threatened with cuts in education, unemployment compensation, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.  The solution:  stop funding war.

For Libyans and all the people of the Middle East who don’t want to suffer under control of the U.S. Empire the solution is-- U.S. Out Now-- Tomahawk missiles, bases, CIA,  or expert advisers to help set up new governments.  The U.S. is the cause of-- not the solution for-- humanitarian crises. Just look at the humanitarian crisis in Palestine where the U.S. pays $3.5 billion yearly for bombings and ruthless occupation -- and then blocks the UN from condemning Israel, its client state. Libyans have a right to decide their own future-- free of all foreign interference by  powerful countries who have criminal agendas.

This leaflet is from the M19 Anti-War Coalition,, 773.250.3335
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