Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros: a lone wolf conspiracy theory

Are they really dead?

These two journalists will be made into martyrs [are they BOTH really truly dead, or with new IDs somewhere?] and will THIS justify Obama putting boots on the ground in Libya and hence a 4th war front of the U.S. oil and banking and weapons empire???
Tim Hetherington

was embedded with UK and US soldiers for over a year in Afghanistan and is very gung ho pro soldiers [hence, he was cleared by his pals in Army intel and NSA to be a mascot for the media].  Hetherington is a "pet boy" of the military wherever he goes to snap his helpful photos.  His documentary RESTREPO on the war in Afghanistan and his text he wrote for his book INFIDEL read and look like Sylvester Stallone Rambo delusions.

Friendly "agencies" quoted in this Newsweek article below, who have helped Hetherington in his career, all along.

Chris Hondros

-- his most recent 'propaganda' sympathetic pro rebel forces photos from Libya, above, just before he 'died'.  Hondros is the "leftie" and "softie" type of photo journalist, working for USAID, yet who never really uncovers harmful visual information and who is always "johnny after the deed" and not "johnny before the act", with his camera.  He took many pro war photos at the beginning of the Iraq War, and said later "it was a mistake".  His photo series of the little Iraq girl whose parents were killed by US soldiers in their moving family car, in the very end showed the US combatants as very sympathetic and caring troops, thus burnishing the name of US soldiers abroad. [making it ROGER to not show any more photos to the public of civilian massacres, that might REALLY  inflame the public.]
-- - mmm... Fastmail...

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