Saturday, April 9, 2011

Gali Shootout, several killed and Israeli paybacks!

Gali Shootout, Several killed. Spy Drones, and paybacks?

What would Israel do?

Israel are busy taking Georgia's ass to the cleaners at the moment... in retaliation for jailing Rony Fuchs?

Elbit Systems - $100m (there's a familiar figure!) for the drones flying out of Kobuleti which the Russians shot down for target practice, like clay pigeons. They were even being service by Israeli technicans working in the middle of a Red Book Protected reserve, AKA "big swamp" on the backside of Kobuleti. 

Using a protected area as a cover for covert flights is another sin that Georgia may be held accountable for by the end of the day.  

I have contacted the Abkhaz and am trying to get  both sides of the  recent shooting story, sounds like the husband of the lady from Rustavi2, who organized the fliming Khurcha Incident is back working in the border region, Emma something.  Does Georgia need a little war right now to cover various sins, part of the new US election campaign, and as an excuse to cover a budget Georgian shortfall and mismanagement.

Nothing just happens, especially in Georgia, there is no such thing as happenstance.

Would another little war  be a good scapegoat for stupidity and incompetence?

What would Israel do under the same set of circumstances?

Here we go again... isn't this how 2008 started? Russian border guard killed in Gali. Its seems that the same script writer are back to work; however, there is no new script, just reworking the last off the wall made for Rustavi2 documentary.

Perhap a little diversion to the cock up in Libya!

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