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Does Rakia Development Say Good Riddance to Georgia?

Rakia says "So long, and thanks for all the khinkali" to Georgia


Time to refresh your memory about what could have possibly made Rakia to think that investing in Georgia wasn't such a good idea after all... They were the biggest investors in Georgia during 2008 and 2009, the movers and shakers - and yet the Georgians tried to cash in on their name, or Joseph Kay did.
  • He should be arrested and tried for damaging the economy so much, and all his government buddies dragged down with him, not to mention the IDP housing that his wife’s construction company slopped together – and ran with the money, but that is another story.
I wonder who actually owns that International Building Holdings Company, which now occupies the office where Rakeen was based? The one on Kandelaki Street where they suddenly changed the name on the outside when the Imedi TV controversy broke out, and there is much more I guess and this should have been somewhat embarrassing for the government - as it brings out all their dirty laundry again, and looks at all these networks of patronage.

As shared with a documentary producer last year: "This latest shift in sands fits well with your remit for EU and regional corruption stories, and this makes the water projects look weak in comparison, and just throw in a bit for geopolitics with the border areas and the dodgy British-Indian dam project - and being registered in the Virgin Islands, along with so many Georgian companies. The sorted history of the Rakeen group out of Dubai is cutting back on their Georgian investments in Poti and elsewhere (the same place where you filmed the German gold smugglers for fun).

If you want such stories on Georgia then let's do it, and I think we can mutually gain; I have the people on the ground in the region that can help track down all what we need, and let's stop beating around the bush, and in close proximity there are several stories to be had (and that should reduce cost and keep the margins good)."

Here is a weak link if you are interested in getting to know the petty deals on the local level.

0103, Telavi Str. 20, Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel: +995 32 277373; Fax: +995 32 277373

... in terms of muckraking and digging up dirt, :if a strictly legalistic approach is applied, important things will be missed, because - thanks to all the reform projects - the regime is getting better and better at cloaking everything in a seemingly inconspicuous framework. If the the aim is to expose the exploitation of the weak by the strong, then it is necessary to go out in the field and getting hands dirty, digging. The the regime has papers and laws to show that everything is OK and to a Western Standard.

Example: The torture in the prisons. Before Revolution, there was investigation of prison deaths. That stopped, and now a prisoner can die in the cell, and be taken directly from the cell to the morgue. No control of the cause of death. All the while, they're having conferences about how life in prison is going to be like a five star hotel.

Latest Foul Smell:

Latest bad smell is a company in Poti called Mantek. Procurement guy is ex-KBR & ex-RAKIA. "Mantek Ltd providing maintenance and technology services established its offices in Poti, Georgia. The company is pleased to announce an opening for the position of Mechanical Engineer."

Welcome to Mantek Ltd, a privately established technology and maintenance port services provider and authorized partner and service representative of Gottwlad Port Technology GMBH (Germany), Damen Shipyards Gorinchem (The Netherlands), MAZ Automobile Plant (Belarus), and Guven Grab and Machine Ltd. Co. (Turkey). Based in Poti, Georgia, we are committed to providing our clients with “peace of mind” through quality service and efficient and integral solutions that cover the full range of our core activities, from IT-based asset management to maintenance and procurement.

I did a quick dig around and found their procurement guy on linkedin. The words "no bid" spring to mind when talking of KBR - and RAKIA? Anything which starts with RAK is probably worthy of a nose around, and then connect the links to the new US Ambassador to Georgia, John Bass, and logistics for American wars of liberation.
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