Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rustavi2 cover up and whitewash

Rustavi2 cover up and whitewash!!!

The radioactive remains found in Batumi identified
06.04.11 15:48
The experts have already identified the type of the radioactive substance found in one of the railway containers in the Batumi port`s terminal on Tuesday. They say it was the chemical element cesium (sic) 137. The mentioned chemical substance was used in industrial processes. Experts cannot ascertain the origin of the source, as they say it was stolen.

Caesium-137 is produced by nuclear fission (i.e. in a nuclear reactor, or in a nuclear explosion) and has a small number of practical uses. In small amounts, it is used to calibrate radiation-detection equipment. It is used as a gamma emitter for oilfield wireline density measurements. It is also sometimes used in cancer treatment, and it is also used industrially in gauges for measuring liquid flows and the thickness of materials.

The radioactive remains were found in the scrap metal loaded for export in the Batumi Port`s terminal on Tuesday (April 5).The experts put it in a special container, was delivered in Tbilisi on Wednesday.

Sounds like a very small amount

The experts said the territory of the port has already been rendered harmless. The radioactive source is supposed to be moved to a special storage facility.

What special storage, where?

Sounds like a small amount but it all sounds like they don't want this blasted all over the news. The public has a right to know if they have been put at risk by the illicit movement of radioactive material, and if they know it was stolen then they must have some idea where it's come from. Surely radioactive material must have a cradle to grave tracking process - of some was stolen then someone must have reported some missing. Where did the shipment come from, Baku?.

Who are these "experts"?

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