Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Fuchs fallout? Georgian Business Climate

More Fuchs fallout? Georgian Business Climate

A founder and owner of Israeli security consultancy firm, Global CST, Israel Ziv, is in Sokhumi meeting with the breakaway region's leadership on April 14, Abkhaz and Russian news agencies are reporting. Beyond security and defense consultancy and trainings the Global CST also has a civil division offering strategies in various fields ranging from agriculture to communication and infrastructure.

Note - Global CST are the company who Gaddafi hired his 50,000 mercenaries through.  Yesterday Medvedev met with Jacob Zuma (South African premier) to discuss ways (along with China) of resolving the conflict in Libya. It seems like Israel might have got bored with all their old friends and are forging new alliances with countries whose economies and political systems aren't in complete tatters.

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