Saturday, April 9, 2011

Will Georgian solider fight in Libya? Fire for effect!

All agreed that artillery's decisive battle role — past, present and future - however, it must be carefully targeted and not by someone who is trigger happy and mad hatter crazy. We must not forget what happened in South Ossetia when grad multi-launch systems were not aimed properly, killing both Georigan soldiers and innocent civilians; that is called "friendly fire."

Welcome to Hell! Will the Georgian Soldiers fight in Libya?

What caught my eye - Saakashvili's statement when he was asking for heavy artillery which (he said) couldn't be bought from other countries. But he can buy this stuff cheaper from a few countries, e.g. Brazil, China, India, South Africa and Turkey, where these guns are cheaper than their American equivalents. The author suggests that Saakashvili wants the US to supply them, at whatever cost, purely to drag them into Georgia's conflict with Russia.

Another thing the article points out is that while the US judge voted with Georgia on the racial discrimination suit against Russia, the votes against Georgia included the UK, Mexico and another country with a US-friendly regime, Morroco. Given that the US could no more side against Georgia than they couldn't help but veto any UN resolution to the effect that Israel "gets out more and makes some real friends" - perhaps there was some US-led collusion to "Stop Georgia" by getting all the other countries to vote against them?

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