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Cluster Bombs in Libya may be the ULTIMATE SCAM

Cluster Bombs in Libya may be ultimate scam

Why are there double standards? The old saying that “what is good for the goose is good for the gander” does not always apply, especially when it applies to US policy as who is trustworthy to arm to the teeth or not.  One can be a friend today and an enemy tomorrow, and even be hanged. Need to look to Israel and Georgia as the source of the cluster bombs, all this is fairly well documented - and merits closer investigation into high level arms trafficking. They are now blasting the media with hearsay of cluster bombs used by Kaddafi, which are verified by two unnamed local Libyan people with NED “tainted” clustered eyes. You don't need airplanes to drop cluster bombs on innocents, as proved in Georgia during the Russian-Georigan war of 2008.

There are only a few sources of Libyan cluster bombs, and the manufacturers of them are not into human rights, especially those that manufacture m-85s. Most wars are started by telling the lie so many times that it becomes truth. There are few sources of cluster bombs, Georgia and Israel have plenty and can get more.
As one of the readers wrote today, all that Joni Simonishvili has to do is make a quick FRIEND REQUEST and then you can post the other 400 or so posts already there on HRW.You have a responsibility to prevent a war in Libya.  You are the man!
They should accept you as a friend in less than a few hours.You might even stop a useless war Joni, in Libya, and save millions of lives and trillions in money wasted along with the lives.....

Unfortunately, I can only post in comments, which I have already done - as only Human Rights can post to the wall - and I posted on the Israeli sister site and it took the information; they understand what is being exported from Israel, drones too, and the many layers of dirty links to the international weapons trade.  

It has been suggested to post my HR Georgia cluster bomb piece on HRW Facebook, and also inside “deep knowledge” of Kaddafy's purchases also; the timing is perfect.  I am told whole world is now watching this Facebook of HRW due to massive news coverage of alleged Kaddafy cluster bombs, in the western Atlantic Council and NED controlled media.

Yes, there is a nexus to Georgia and the wholesale use and re-export of cluster bombs and that is no state secret, fortunately many of the M85 Israeli bombs proved to be duds when used on Georgian soldiers and civilians back in August of 2008. It would be more interesting however to understand the full mechanism of how lots of non-documented hardware comes first to Georgia and then is re-exported, and why John Bass was appointed as US Ambassador to Georgia, and all his shady connections to KBR and sleazy defense contractors.
Much is involved, and while everybody talks about Kaddafy and Cluster or how Russia is a big player in the arms export policy, as in US Embassy Cables and exports to Syria and Iran are part of a broader strategy of distinguishing Russian policy from that of the United States, and strengthening Russian influence. The truth of the matter is the US is really the largest exporter, “merchant of death” – and allows it closest allies to be the go between on covert arms deals.
Russia does not disturb growing Israeli-Russian diplomatic engagement, and wants to keep “special” relations with Damascus. Likewise, arms sales to Iran are part of a deep and multilayered bilateral relationship that serves to distinguish Moscow from Washington, and to provide Russian officials with a bargaining chip, both with the Ahmedinejad regime and its P5 1 partners. It is interesting how these weapons come via of Georgia in broad day, and under escort by the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs.  
While, as a matter of practice, Russian arms sales have declined as international frustration has mounted over the Iranian regime, and as a matter of policy, Russia does not support what it perceives as U.S. efforts to build an anti-Iranian coalition. However, that does not hold the Georgia’s back, and it is business as usual – and even better than ever.
As the US Embassy writes “while profit is still seen by experts as Russia’s primary goal, all note the secondary thrill of causing the U.S. discomfort by selling weapons to anti-American governments in Caracas and Damascus.” The real arms dealers work via Georgia, supply weapons to Africa all under the cover of bogus end user certificates generated by US allies, such as Jordan – flogging off Serbian weapons to hotspots all around the world – and those same weapons are killing Americans soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, and not to mention civilians and government forces in Libya. American defense contractors are laughing all the way to the bank.
One does not have to dig much to understand Georgia’s role in weapons trafficking and the bigger role of the United States. There is no coincidence that John Bass was appointed based on his close connections with KBR, Halliburton and Black Water, not to mention on a local level such companies as CUBIC a) and ARCHANGEL b), two American Defence Contractors working in Georgia and the region. The recriminations are impression and the finger pointing,

Given Russia’s and [America’s] [US via NATO] competing interest in expanding sales to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, the protests of our moderate Arab partners could also carry a price tag for Russian defiance. The same is true for Latin America, whose leaders to date have not made sales to Chavez an issue on their bilateral agenda with the Russians.”
The appearance of Russian weapons in Iraq, presumably transferred by Syria, and the prospect of American and coalition casualties as a result could change the calculus of Russian sales to Damascus. The more evidence that we can provide, the more Russia may take steps to restrict the Asad regime. At the same time, we need to be prepared for the Russian countercharge that significant numbers of weapons delivered by the U.S. have fallen into insurgent hands.
Anyone interested in this needs only to contact the following:
Also, you may want to talk to the Embassy of the Federal Republic of German, Christian Farkhondeh, Military Attache, and Wolfgang Richter, Senior Military Advisor, Permanent Mission of the Federal Republic of Germany to the OSCE in Vienna.

Wolfgang Richter, Colonel, Senior Military Advisor, Permanent Mission of OSCE
Christian Farkhondeh, Lieutenant Colonel (GS) German Embassy, Tbilisi

It is very interesting that German companies are part of the paperwork for some of the arms flowing via Georgia, and it is debatable if this is legal or not.

Talk to the human rights centre, about this, and what was the reaction when they first started investigating this possibility.

The pattern shows that Georgia is basically a failed mafia state getting rich off illegal trafficking of weapons and can be considered as a state sponsor of terrorism.

It is claimed by US policy makers that “providing the Russians with better releasable intelligence when arguing against weapons transfers to “rogue states” is essential and [America’s] Russian interlocutors are not always impressed by the evidence we use to prove that their arms are ending up in the wrong hands. While we doubt Russia will terminate all its problematic sales for the reasons described above, more compelling evidence could lead the GOR to reduce the scope of its arms transfers or tighten export controls.
I think in the final analysis, it is the other way around, not where Russian arms sales end up but where the bulk of American arms end up – and this includes those being “grad” systems launched on innocents around the world, and especially Georgia and Libya.
You don’t need airplanes to drop cluster bombs on innocents and make weapons dealers rich.
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