Friday, June 10, 2011

Body Count in wake of May 26 "Pro-Democracy Protest in Tbilisi GeorgiaIncreasing

Georgian Society has started speculating about who died and who killed who was really responsible, already the numbers of dead and missing in increasing and the recriminations are flying back and forth. Some serious soul searching and recrmininations are going on too, not only among Georgian Society but within the wideer international community for turning a blind eye repeated patterns of human rights violations, summarily executions, all because Georgia is the favorite child of the United States, and it serves as a key transit country for energy and weapons.

Joni Simonishvili

Tbilisi May 26, 2011 - Georgia celebrated its Independence Day on Thursday with a massive show of force, showcasing tanks, rocket launchers and aircraft similar to those used during its failed war against Russia in August 2008. The parade came just hours after its government had unleashed a lethal body blow to protestors who had gathered along the Georgian capital’s Rustaveli Avenue the night before with the aim of preventing the military parade from taking place as planned.

Nobody cares about the man and his life.  The Georgian leadership and security services are too busy proving the guilt of others.... But each of them to blame for what happened at night on May 26. Nothing talking, need do investigate and prosecute those who brought to these events ... does not matter the political party and their rank in society. As many of 8 to 18 people are thought to be dead, based on various media reports. Missing persons are  starting to show up as rotting bodies floating to the top of the water in rivers and found in gardens or on top of small shops in the middle of town. They are being buried quickly as to not be able to show the possible cause of their deaths, we may never be sure, toruture, injuries from beatings, etc.

     I don't know this woman, mentioned in this article but she [for the sake of brevity] she is helping to find people after the events of the 26th of May 2011.  There  were 49 people on her list of missing persons, complilied by those who had relatives; she has been searching for  them. Some of them were taken from one prison to prison throughout  Georgia, like beans in a shell game. Most of them were hidden by the  police, keeping them from their families because they had been  severely  beaten and the police knew that the NGOs and international community  would raise a racket.

Now there  are 17 on her list, but she can't say with precision what happened to  them, maybe some of them have already returned home. She believes or  suspects that some of them must be surely dead.  She was able to get permission to visit the prisons; she saw the terrible  situation there and believes two basic rights have been violated: the  right to one phone call and the right to counsel.... That is why the  family could not find their sons or friends, dads or brothers.... Not only there are missing from Tbilisi but arrested in other parts of the country as well, and held under the most inhuman of circumstances.

As one blogger wrote on the OpenDemocray site

"Georgia's a tiny country - why do they need so many "well-trained and equipped Special Forces and riot police"? Is it to protect the people, or the government? Surely, it should never need to come to this - why doesn't Sakaashvilli do more for the people instead of expelling so much carbon dioxide?

All we ever hear from him is reform this, Russia that, Russia this, reform that - he's like a broken gramophone record. We hear he wants to Georgia to become a "new Switzerland" in the Caucasus - well, how can it EVER be when their leader is so antagonistic towards his neighbors, when they can't even provide basic needs for the elderly, and the sick and disabled, when his country is so mistrusted (ask Israel) in the international community, and when he feels the need to defend all of this "progress" with water cannons, armored cars, tear gas, and rubber bullets.

The usual people are saying the usual things - that the authorities should conduct a proper investigation and take appropriate action, etc. Bullshit - no different to asking Israel to investigate itself and finding itself completely exonerated of any wrong doing. Prisons, we know, are in a deplorable state and I heard some crazy figure that the conviction rate is, what, 99% ??? That's truly shocking - though not half as shocking as some of the things I've read recently about the insanitary conditions, beatings, torture, food deprivation, and other harrowing tales of failures to protect even BASIC human rights, never mind all of the articles which they are obliged to adhere to in the European Court of Human Rights.

It's very sad that some people lost their lives over this. If Sakaashvilli doesn't accept responsibility, if he feels without a shadow of doubt in his own heart that all of this is the fault of those who brought those people to stand there, and who drove away knocking those people down, then he should arrest those people - not the poor people we saw face down on the sidewalk in the pouring rain with their hands tied behind their backs, not the people we saw having spasms in the backs of ambulances, but the leaders of the rally must be held accountable, for they are surely traitors in the eyes of the authorities - and should be tried as such criminals that they are."

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