Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Canada and Georgia Cannon Fodder for NATO Operations in Afghanistan

Was this intended to be some kind of sick joke?

The U.S Department of Defense has donated 40 Humvee vehicles to a Georgian  battalion getting ready for the Afghan deployment, the Georgian Ministry  of Defense said on June 7. Georgian MoD said that thirty M1151 and ten M1151A1 vehicles have been donated.


One would presume that the Humvees will be going with them... somehow?   That's a lot of military hardware they've just armed Georgia with.

Are they going to drive them to Afghanistan Humvees are basically caskets on wheels, especially in Helmand province where the US gov and Saakashvili are using Georgian troops to fill a widening security gap. The home- made IEDs, which have become weapon of choice
for the Afghan resistance have been more and more powerful and effective in recent months, resulting in record high casualities among NATO led Afghansitan occupation forces.

After nearly 10 years of fighting, the US is now preparing to withdrawl from Afghanistan beginning this July all the while the Georgian gov has pledge to boost its commitment to the become the highest per capita contributor. More Georgian troops in Afghanistan may prove to be a key component of the US' exit strategy and help the former Soviet country bleed its way into NATO, a least in so far as the alliance remains in tack.

In short, soldiers from Canada and Georgia, cannon fodder for NATO, Onward Christian Soldier - as these two countries have the most to lose per capita.
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