Thursday, June 2, 2011

Georgian 4-hire Black PR, more of the same!!!

I am Georgian and therefore I am European!
"Georgian state spends millions on propaganda how “European”, “white” they are, on active anti-Armenian propaganda. Their agents with Rezo Chegogidze create many fake videos on behalf of Armenians claiming Abkhazia (?!). Instead of wasting money on such primitive lies it would really hep if government took care of its people…" Of course he is not an agent but a pro-Nazi (see attached files). Below videos prepared by Rezo Chegogidze with a fake name "Asala Warrior":!/chigogidze (Attached file shows Rezo Chegogidze's facebook profile page. See the Political Views section: National Socialist Movement) 1. Abkhazia should be half Armenian Republic. 2. Hamshenis Armenians of Abkhazia 3. Armenian future plans 4. Armenians first discover Britain From his real YouTube profile: Georgians are ancient european Ibero-Colchian nation of Caucasus with rich history and culture, adopted Christianity as officialy religion in 4th century. In the 21th Century Russia has Occupied 20% of Georgian Territories. Our Country's Historical Parts Abkhazia and Tskhinvali Region (Samachablo) are now Under the Control of Russian Military Forces and they Continue Annexation and Integration these Territories into Russian Federation. World must Stop it. I am Georgian, Christian and therefore European. Pro-Freedom Pro-European Pro-USA Countries i dislike: Russian Federation Armenia Serbia and all peoples who support those dictatorship terrorist states.About Me: abkhazia is GEORGIA karabagh is Azerbaijan North Caucasus is not Russia Karelia is Finland kuril Islands is Japan Sochi is historical Georgian land. Eastern Prussia is Germany.

-- - Does exactly what it says on the tin

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