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Pro Democracy Activitst Murdered in Tbilisi Georgia on May 26, 2011

Body Count from Violent Crackdown on Protestors on May 26, Tbilisi Georgia,


Paul Rimple and NED repeated attacks; Leave it to Beaver!!!


Dear Paul Rimple:


Body Count from May 26m 2011 in Tbilisi, any comments?


Georgian holds Military Parade on Crime Scene


RE :  The  title should really read Pro-Democracy Activists murdered in Tbilisi Georgia

1) "They are sure that you are author because this article is neither accurate nor journalism as usual ...:-))))) Really they are "loving you" very much....:-))"

2) "I think most people know where he stands. What's funny is how Tim Blauvelt and Rimple seem to always give you so much ammo to rail right

into them."


 Crackdown on the 26th of May in Tbilisi Georgia?

Dear Paul Rimple,


I would really like to know what motivates you, and what ax you have to grind right now, what are you smoking this week, who are you gunning for? I suggest you stick to your "trashing" kind of fishwrap articles, which is your "forte". I saw that you were able to get most of them pulled off the Internet. I can only suspect that you are one of those 4-hire kind of journalist with a dearth of ethics, and do anything for money.


You would not know the truth if it hit you head-on. I have read the trash that you publish, and some of it comes closer to a hate crime than anything close to

journalism. I hope they pay you well.!


How can you be so certain that I am the author, perhaps because the article is both seemingly accurate and "real" journalism, and that is what has you off the edge. Again, you are bashing me for an article that I did not write:


Here is from the last time you went on the attack:


"Hey Jeffery Silverman, why are you afraid to come out in your own name instead of hiding behind all these aliases? Or is Salome Boku a fan of 1950s American television and also a practitioner of disjointed cut and paste messaging like you? Has your Thorazine expired? Or do you suffer from multiple personality disorder in addition to paranoid schizophrenia? Dude, you need help. People are wondering why you are so in love with me. Personally, I'm flattered you devote so much attention to my writing when there is so much filthy corruption for you to uncover in the Caucasus.


Good thing blogs like this are around otherwise people like you would have nowhere to "publish" their gibberish.


Now, back to my NED funded boozing."



Do you have any academic qualifications in anything for passing such judgments? I bet you don’t have anything more than a high school degree? Perhaps you would loan me some of your thorazine. How many times have I offered you the opportunity to discuss your issues? I might even be able to offer some positive suggestions. Man, you really need to get a life, grow up ... you are not making a very good name for yourself trying to discredit others in such a self-destructive manner. However, it is most entertaining for the megobrebs community here is Tbilisi, the US Embassy too, and will be for the police related to what happened to me back in February.


You should certainly be able to see things more clearly when the shoe is on the other foot, as well the UN Secretary General over the infamous Khurcha Incident. Now that was not the first time that you had to eat crow, as I thought you are going to be able to come back for seconds.


Do you want to see what it means to go on the offensive? Anytime you feel frogy, just jump.


You lie out your teeth so much that you are even caught up in [them there] "big lies. By the way, what did the UN Secretary General report come out and say about Khurcha Incident back in 2007, and I guess too that was "neither accurate, nor journalism."


This time you might even have some real blood on your hands and it is fortunate that nobody was killed during the staged Khurcha Incident. Are you keeping up with the running body count from the crackdown on protesters back on the morning of May 26th, I bet you were not even there, like you were not in Khurcha either,


As I wrote before, and for the record:


Leave it to Beaver!!


Rumor mongering over body counts, bet someone is eating crow now that several bodies floated to the top - and for you Paul, of all folks to be passing judgment, and in cohorts with Tim Baluvelt, American Councils - "which is neither accurate, nor journalism."


I did not write the article in question! Check it again and kindly make a retraction on Megobrebs. Sorry to disappoint you that I cannot take credit for this article. However, being attacked by you is a compliant, considering your sordid record of 4-hire article with clear agenda.


Now that we are involved in mongering over body counts and other things, let's trade a bit of gossip, BTW, I have a suggestion of a job for you or Tim Blauvelt, why don't you or him apply for the teaching position open at American Academy since Antony Schierman left, or even the director's position is now open. I wonder who caught him going local with imported corruption.


And ... assuming that you really have a fine education, I suspect you would be in line for that role model position. Anyway, did you ever finish your junior high journalism classes? I guess a posh career move for you from Barrio to the Ivory Tower with American Academy would be a nice feather in your cap.



I understand your old drinking buddy, Anthony Schierman, is no longer employed as sole native English teacher at the American high here. Do you think Tim Bauvelt would be suitable for the now open director's position with his Embassy good ole boy connections? Ivory League only need apply?


Also, your illustrious military background [as Georgia Today army insert DEFENSE

TODAY frontline reporter] might be used in lieu of appropriate educational honors, I would be more than willing to provide you a character reference, as I am sure half of Megrelia is too.


I would really like to know why Anthony Schierman was canned, poor guy, already with several kids to feed. I guess he is back to TESL chat rooms looking for jobs to pick up on his CV where he left off from Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan, etc. I guess the same reason why he was axed when working at Georgia Today, or is this a new career transition? I really like how your career took off after the Khurcha article that you wrote, fine piece of yellow journalism - and Christian Science Monitor now can steal you away from your astute analytical pronouncements in AmCham magazine. I thought I saw Schierman on TV helping out the freedom fighters in East Libya, handing out free mobile phones. Is that where he went? They could also use your chopper over there to flutter NED manifestos in the wind. Maybe only you can stop Kaddafy.


Once again, thanks for the entire free PR, and once again taking the bait, hook, line and Ambassador John Bass, KBR and getting the message out.


We all know here in Georgia now who has blood on their hands and those who are also guilty by association by participation in the Embassy ordered spin.

Next time, please have the b.... to copy me directly when you OPENLY and so proudly attack me. You should take a crash course in fact-checking!!!


Are you and Tim going to post this one on Megrobrebs or one of your 4-hire blog sites?


Best regards,



Jeffrey Silverman




Date: Sat, 28 May 2011 19:00:26 +0300

Subject: Re: [megobrebs] Missing and Killed


You probably read Silverman's the opendemocracy story, which is neither accurate, nor journalism.


On 5/28/11 5:30 PM, tim blauvelt wrote:


Let's not start rumor mongering. There have been many reports in the press about two bodies being found on a store roof near Freedom Square, apparently electocuted from touching a wire. There were reports of a third body being found, but this was later reported to be an error. No serious sources are suggesting that "Misha has started killing people." This is the official list of

those detained.





 Date: Sat, 28 May 2011 13:43:45 +0400

 Subject: [megobrebs] Missing and Killed



I am hearing an earful about 50 protesters who are missing. The interior ministry released the names of those in prison and the opposition says 50 people who were at the protest are still unaccounted for. I have a couple of friends who I have been unable to reach since that night.


Moreover, there are reports that bodies have begun showing up, 5 so far. Supposedly all protesters, who have been handcuffed, and electrocuted or beaten to death...,?


In terms of the two policemen killed, they say there is a video, shot from another perspective from the one we've all seen where you can see the policeman actually jump on the hood of Nino's car. They are also saying the other policemen who were killed was retired, a protester himself, and beaten in the head by active police. The Interior ministry claims they were both run over by Nino's convoy.


However I am finding nothing about this in the English language press, other than the State Department 'clarifying' its message on the protests and walking back its support of the crackdown.


I am wondering if anyone has any information on any of this.


It is very hard for me to believe Misha could be so stupid as to start killing people. I'll be at today's "NGO" protest at 3 to see what I can find out.

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