Saturday, June 11, 2011

Travel Warning: Georgia Tells its Citizens NOT to Travel to Russia

Travel Warning: Georgia Tells its Citizens Not to Travel to Russia

The Georgian Foreign Ministry recommended its citizens on June 10 “to refrain from traveling to the Russian Federation” because of safety concerns.

Travel of Georgian citizens in Russia “is not safe,” the Georgian Foreign Ministry said.

The statement was made in connection to death of a 48-year old Georgian citizen, Gela Bliadze, who, the ministry said, “was beaten to death because of his ethnicity” in Moscow on June 5.


Well, just who is to blame for that? Surely not Saakashvili, and his eccentric zany ideas about foreign policy - drumming up racial and political tension between the Russians and the Georgians. The guy is seriously "asking for it", if you ask me.

I wouldn't be at all surprised to read of his assassination one day, in some foreign sponsored hit on his glass dome in enforcing some UN no-fly dome. However, for now he should fear are those who are closest to him, or apparently so, and they are looking for their own secure futures, and want to distance themselves from the recent wave of murders and disappearances now taking place in Georgia.

In all reality, however, the Russians may be behind it all, as a carefully crafted ploy to take the president out, destroying his reputation with the West, destroying EU and NATO aspirations (as if they have not already been destroyed), and all this was planned ahead of time between his inner team and Russian intelligence.

Does anyone in a right mind believe that anything now will change to the better; one only has to ask who is responsible for the brutal dispersal of the people on 7 November 2007, and then again and again, most recently May 26, Georgian Independence Day?  It was the same government, same players ... but after a while they will win the elections again, as there is no alternative.

..... Do anyone believe that now that anything will change? They will be in power for as long as the mighty of the world will not take another decision on who is on the front in Georgia, and who will be the fallguy, the scapegoat.  No responsible, “buck stops here” - only the Georgian people are punished as a part of this never-ending “dirty game”. Each ruler and his team make hay while the sun shines and fills up their pockets for themselves and their future offspring.
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