Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Geneva Talks, 2 Cents Worth, Georgia-Abkhaz standoff

Backdrop of Geneva Talks, More Subterfuge and Bag of Dirty Tricks on Georgian Side

Any theories on who is behind the string of bombings in Tbilisi and other towns lately? My guess it's false flag operation perpetrated by the Georgian government to make the Russians and separatists look bad, and engage in more fear mongering for  domestic political consumption.

Thing is, it's not too late for Saakashvili to save himself from this fate and  become a hero - but I just don't get why he's hell bent on destroying  relations with Russia. I really don't. What is in his mind to think that all of this will somehow make things better - do you think he has some  notion of turning the whole world against Russia, and that somehow  Russia will then shrivel up and die? The timing is too opportune with the blowback over the events of May 21, 2001, with dead and disappeared. It is all about "On War!!!"


The Geneva talks aren't much use anyway, so strictly speaking, it  wouldn't be a catastrophe if they were discontinued. Everybody knows  that the process is hopeless, but the Abkhazians at least see it as a  way keep their case on the agenda and foster some direct contact with  Western government officials, and in  a diplomatic fashion.

BTW,  any theories on who is behind  the string of bombings in Tbilisi and other towns lately? My guess it's  false flag operation perpetrated by some rogue elements in Georgian government to make the  Russians and separatists look bad, and engage in more fear mongering for domestic political consumption. This smells of the Potomact Institute and the recent call to supply more weapons to Georgia for self-protection, and the timing is about right - out of damage control and the kickoff of the US elections.

Another question, what is the position of Europe now?  I had the article translated about finding more dead bodies?  http://joninews.wordpress.com/2011/06/10/body-count-in-wake-of-may-26-pro-democracy-protest-in-tbilisi-georgiaincreasin

Things may be a bit complicated, just received.

1/You saw a protester being murdered or who was already murdered? How do you know it is murder and not accidental or natural causes?

2/ Because of what you witnessed, you now believe yourself to be under threat by various sinister agents? Who are they concretely and why do you suspect them?

3/ Has there been any concrete thing happen to you recently that reinforce these suspicions?

4/ What else am I missing?

But the tide of agreement with this policy may be turning, see http://www.civil.ge/eng/article.php?id=23620

This is facade, the reality is different- he is now totally controlled by russians, you know the geo economy- Russians are behind all major factories/companies, banks, and Vano Merabishvili, Minister of Internal Affairs, has been a GRU's agent for many years with tight links to Batumi and Moscow City government. Joni Simonishvili

I have known this for years, all connections to Batumi and Moscow City government, Aslan, and the team. If I know this, based on my work with International Crisis Group, then why does the US Embassy and other foreign missions appear to be so clueless.

We can discuss soon!
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